No Code Required

All-in-one NFT Creator Tool

Generate art, rarity, metadata, smart contract, set reveal parameters, IPFS upload, and deploy in just a few clicks.


No Code Solution

Import your artwork, arrange traits, toggle rarity, set collection size, create a landing page, set reveal date, and click to generate. All with no coding required.

Multi-Character Support

Start with one base character, or several, in a single collection

Rarity Settings

Easily input and adjust the rarity of each trait, attribute, and layer – our algorithm will take care of the math.

Progress Saving

Take a break and come back. Your project will auto-save for you to pick up right where you left off.

Configure Royalty

Easily input and adjust royalty percentage for secondary sales of your NFT collection.

Allowlist Feature

Benefit your current community by allowing them to mint before public sale.

Smart Contract Deployer

Our smart contracts are secure, optimized and audited, having been used by other brand NFT collections.

Own the Contract

Once the contract is generated, it’s all yours. Take control of your collection as you so please.

Generate Metadata

Upon creation, metadata is auto-generated and compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, or Arbitrum blockchains.

Mint Button

Generate a mint button for your website/platform where you can direct your community and allowlist to mint on launch day.

Set Reveal

Set a time and date for your collection artwork to reveal, and set an unrevealed placeholder before then.

Blockchain Options

You have the option to deploy on the blockchain of your choice, whether is it Ethereum, Polygon, or Arbitrum.